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At Ultra Coach, we call ourselves the luxury coach service for the entertainment industry. We focus our time and energy on surrounding our customers with luxury and comfort. We work harder than anyone else to make the bands, musicians, artists and performers who travel with us as comfortable as possible. We aim to make the travel on their tours as easy and relaxing as possible.

The Luxury Coach Service

We’ve been in the luxury coach business for a long time. We’ve been customizing top of the line buses and coaches for over a decade.

When we decided to get into the entertainment industry, we knew that our focus on luxury and attention to detail would quickly set us apart as the luxury coach service for the biggest and best performing acts.

It’s All About Getting to the Venue

The artists and performers that we’re lucky enough to call clients play at some of the country’s most renown venues. Whether you’re playing amphitheaters, clubs or large arenas, we’re the luxury coach service to get you there and onto the next gig with easy and comfort. No parking in close proximity? No worries! Tight corners and inner city driving? Been there, done that.

If you have any questions about our luxury coach service and how we could best serve you or the artists you manage, please contact us toll free on 855-508-5872 or request a quote and we’ll contact you.

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